Revolution QuickTime External

tuviah snyder tuviah at
Fri Nov 21 19:21:28 EST 2003

>1) Get and Set LSP Movie Variables
>2) Execute Sprite events
>3) Monitor the download of a QuickTime movie from an internet location
>4) Change the balance, bass and treble of an audio track
>5) Remove the volume control or step buttons from the QuickTime player
Great stuff! Any chance you can integrate it with Tim's external to support
movie editing? Would be useful if this could be the start of an ultimate QT
external, with anything not implemented in the engine being integrated in
the external. The engine would of course be modified to remove any
limitations that the external may run into, such as installing a custom
MCAction Filer)

We should set up a special section in the Rev site for external
contributions. This along with a better SDK, and possibly an
external-related mailing list could enable more rev developers to build
custom solutions and externals.

>Right now it has only been compiled for OS X as that is the only C
>development environment I have access to.
Well if there's enough request for it, we can compile it.


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