BackgroundColor strangeness

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Nov 21 14:13:03 EST 2003

>> I have a stack with the backgroundColor set (via its Inspector) to a
>> particular RGB color (0,50,25).I see this color in the inspector and
>> in the stack itself. But if I write in the message box
>>   put the backgroundColor of stack "myStack"
>> I get a different result (0,128,64).
>> It also appears that when I make a standalone with this stack in it,
>> the second color is indeed used as a background, whether or not I
>> choose to copy default colors.
>> Am I going crazy?

> I followed the sequence of Graham's steps and got more or less the same
> results with Revolution 2.1.2. One thing differed as the message box
> returned the correct R,G,B color on Windows, but in the standalone the
> stack backcolor was different as with Graham's experience.

> Again following the same procedure under Metacard, no such problem
> occured, the chosen backcolor of the stack also appeared in the standalone.

Is it possible that setting the backColor in a preOpenStack handler might
solve the problem in a standalone generated out of Rev?


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