-s-VR Re: Import Full Formated Text

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Thu Nov 20 23:17:14 EST 2003

> >The more script-level control we have of text the better - so the
> >latter for mine.
> OK but would you want the end-user to be able to edit the text. Or would
> something that can display complex documents (like a PDF viewer or browser
> built into rev) with the display field being 'locked' (of course you would
> recieve the proper messages when user clicks on it, ect), be OK.
That would be a big step forward. It's only very rarely that you need a user
to be able to edit formatted text. My vote's for browser rather than PDF
viewer. Ofcourse if you have the time to develop a complete WYSIWYG HTML
editor then I won't complain (unless it comes before XP themes ;-)



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