Import Full Formated Text

Dave Beck davethebrv at
Thu Nov 20 19:55:24 EST 2003

For what it counts, I would also by hugely in favor of more advanced text
editing capabilities and import/export in REV. Especially line-for-line
alignment control and columned non-table fields.

Moreover, I think it would be very valuable to a lot of users (or potential
users) to beef up the rtf text export option to include some of the more
advanced rtf features, even if those features could not be duplicated in REV
fields. As I was saying in a previous message, I know there is PHP script
available that can convert its own html-like markup langauge to rtf docs. It
doesn't seem too big a leap to make a revExportRTF library to create and
fill RTF documents. I'm not familiar enough with the RTF format to know how
difficult this would be, but I know it would make one customer very happy,
and probably attract a lot of new ones.

Just my 2-sense.


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