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Ken Ray kray at
Thu Nov 20 17:00:08 CST 2003

> I would want to go even further and say that Rev could extend 
> the HTML 
> handling to include most of these features, if possible. like for 
> example: <alignL> <alignC> <alignR> tag sets. There is no rule that 
> says you have to stay on the path of W3's HTML 4.0 specs.  If you can 
> come up with an extended HTML set that makes rendering imported RTF 
> styles conform to a Rev based standard then you will have the 
> foundation for creating multiple export formats at a later time. 
> Designers can even create export formats if they have something 
> consistent as an extended & robust HTML. I've already created an HTML 
> parser that produces user based style changes from 
> highlighted text and 
> menu options, so I could use the improvements to HTML even if 
> they were 
> not editable.

That's an awesome idea, Mark... I vote for this as well.

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