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> I am in negotiations with two book publishers that want to turn a
> couple of their books into interactive stories complete with
> animations, text, audio and movies. I will create the animation, audio
> and movies since they don't exist but the text they used to print the
> books with is already formatted in electronic format and I just want to
> be able to cut and paste and/or import hundreds of pages of text into
> text fields and move on - instead I have to start from scratch with
> formating etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that formatting for one medium (in this case
print) is usually not suitable for one-to-one display in another medium, ie
on-screen.  To be effective, on-screen layout must be handled differently
than print layout (not to mention the fact that few people really want to
read hundreds of pages on a screen).  Even if you could take a Word page and
bring it straight into Rev, you'd probably find yourself reformatting it to
fit the medium.

Another thing to keep in mind is export options available in the source:
many layout packages provide several export options, and one (or several)
might be suitable for getting the formatted text you need into Rev.


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