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Wed Nov 19 19:07:00 EST 2003

On Nov 19, 2003, at 4:48 PM, tkuypers at wrote:

> I’ve posted this one a few days ago, but got no reply...
> Is there anyone having problems sending applescripts to other programs
> (Adobe InDesign in my case) when using OS X 10.3?
> Everything works fine on 10.2, but on my new Mac they just don’t 
> work...
> Running the scripts from the script-editor goes fine, but I just can’t 
> get
> them working in 10.3 :-(
> Anybody any suggestions?

Have you checked "the result" function? That is where the result of the 
script will go. If that doesn't help:

A guess is that the Applescript API has changed in OS X 10.3.
Or, your Application names and Path names may have changed if you 
upgraded your OS.

I'm not using applescript in my apps currently, but I can confirm this 
applescript does work on OS X 10.3 from Rev 2.1.2

tell application "Finder"
		display dialog "Hi" buttons {"OK"}
end tell

Hope this helps,

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