Problem with Groups

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Nov 19 17:06:23 EST 2003

Hi Stephen,

> Hi JB
> Hadn't thought of using IDs with Offsets - yes seems easy to calculate 
> and
> should work. I have since thought of another way that works that seems 
> to be
> generic enough:
> Field and Image - Pass MouseUp
> Group - send message to Card with 'the name of me' as a parameter or 
> placed
> in a global.
> However, I feel I'm missing something here and there must be a way of
> clicking the group directly (so it is the TARGET).

I think a group is just a kind of "logical container" and therefore 
does not receive any
mouseclicks, only its objects...

Did some tests a couple of minutes ago and it looks like that...

> Cheers
> Steve


Klaus Major
klaus at

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