Troubles with groups..

Stephen King st.king42 at
Wed Nov 19 14:27:40 EST 2003

Hi All,

I'm sure this is really simple (and has probably been answered many times
before - and apologies if it has), but a review of the dox doesn't seem to
help, nor could I find what I was looking for in the archives.

I have a number of groups on a card each of which has a field and and image
over it (same size). Each group is uniquely named ("group1", group2...) but
the field and image are the same for each (ie Field "Front" and Image

My problem is with messages.. when the group is clicked, I want to send a
message to the card giving the group name.
What seems to happen though is that either the field or image (whichever is
visible) receives the click, not the group. I then tried putting pass
MouseUp  into the field and image script - this certainly gives the message
to the group script, but when the handler in the card is called, the target
is still the Field or Image not the group.

I need the group name passed up so I know what group the card handler has to
act on (basically reveal or hide and check the data in the field of the
specific group), or to be able to mouseUp on the group not image or field
that comprise the group. Ideally, I would like the same script in each group
rather than have to put the group name specifically in the group script

Another thought - is the layer number of the group and its object important?
At the moment layer number of the group is lower than its objects.

Hope this is clear and any help would be appreciated.


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