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I guess since I am more of the creative type and  work with clients 
that supply content then this is a big matter for me. I want to 
generally be able to add anything I can to a project and set it up as 
an interactive application. I DON'T want to have to recreate from 
scratch all of my clients documents, etc.

I am in negotiations with two book publishers that want to turn a 
couple of their books into interactive stories complete with 
animations, text, audio and movies. I will create the animation, audio 
and movies since they don't exist but the text they used to print the 
books with is already formatted in electronic format and I just want to 
be able to cut and paste and/or import hundreds of pages of text into 
text fields and move on - instead I have to start from scratch with 
formating etc.

QUESTION: Two people have said "you can't create a fully-functional 
word processor" - Is this a license issue. I must not have read that 
part if it is. I am lazy at times in reading small print so I must have 
missed this. HHMMMM. Now I want to know what else I can't do......

Thanks for all of your input, I guess I need to put this to bed.

Thanks Tom

On Nov 19, 2003, at 12:35 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 11/19/03 9:55 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:
>> So, when you are creating an interactive project or whatever you are 
>> saying that most people have been content to just start from scratch 
>> with the text formatting?
> Depends on what you are trying to do. As others have said, you can't 
> create a fully-functional word processor with layout capabilities.

>  particularly since there has been so little demand for it.
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