Import Full Formated Text

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Nov 19 10:55:21 EST 2003

So, when you are creating an interactive project or whatever you are 
saying that most people have been content to just start from scratch 
with the text formatting?
I mean what do you have but Graphics, Movies, Sound and TEXT for 
importing into REV.
Graphic, Movies and Sound have importing capabilities.
Why not text? And why has that not been a high priority for most people?
	I just feel like I missing something if no one else sees this as a 
little bit important to an applications fundamental abilities, that's 
all. I don't think it should matter how big or small a company is but 
rather what they do and how they do it that matters.

Ah, what do I know anyway.

On Nov 19, 2003, at 10:33 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
>> Does anyone know why fully formated text can not be imported into
>> REV????
> Probably because it hasn't been a high priority on anybody's list.

>> That's not a lot to ask for. Is it?
> I'm not an employee but I'm guessing it probably is a lot to ask for a
> company that is not the size of Adobe, Microsoft, Quark or Macromedia. 
>  You
> can always add a feature request to BugZilla/RevZilla.
> Scott Rossi

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