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Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Nov 19 03:45:48 EST 2003

Hi Thomas J McGrath III:

> Hello ALL,
> Does any one have any solutions for importing FULL FORMATED TEXT into 
> a field??????
> Not rtf or straight text but the fully formated kind:
> Word doc files???


> PDFs ????

In a player and only on OS X.

> Can I save a web page and import that into a text field???? and still 
> leave the formating intact????/
> I have tried a few approaches and have not had any luck...

RR only supports a basic set of html-tags, but in general you can 
import a htmlpage into a field.

set the htmltext of fld 1 to url"file:your:file.html"

But no tables etc...

> Thanks
> Tom
> Advanced Media Group
> Thomas J McGrath III 	 ð 2003 ð	3mcgrath at
> 220 Drake Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102


Klaus Major
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