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Byron Turner byront at
Tue Nov 18 11:16:17 CST 2003

Was the email intended for everyone? I didn't receive one  . . in any 
case, I saw something like what you describe on the MacWorld conference 
site but its too diffused.  Its a session of multimedia development but 
its an overview of various tools rather than a focussed session on 
Revolution.  For me, its the missing piece.  If Macworld isn't the 
venue, maybe someone would like to run a west coast Revolution training 
session.  I'd help with organization.

On Nov 18, 2003, at 7:48 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

> On Nov 17, 2003, at 6:43 PM, Byron Turner wrote:
>> I'm still debating about Macworld, but I'd definately go if there was 
>> a Revolution session. Anyone else want to join me in lobbying for 
>> this.  I know its not too let to add sessions.
> In addition to Runrev's email they just now sent out about this 
> possibility,
> I remember seeing some conference session announcements relating to 
> the MachTech revolution/quicktime article. I can't find the URL. It 
> was like "quicktime programming in Applescript Studio, Revolution, and 
> Realbasic"
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