Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Nov 18 06:44:59 EST 2003

Hi Richmond,

> Wow, I'm as green as a cabbage!

Greenhorn ;-)

> There I am sitting in a Visual Basic class

What a pity :-(

> learning about OPEN/SAVE dialog boxes and suddenly I
> realise I haven't a clue how to implement them in
> RR................
> Any help ..... ???

Yo... :-)


on xxx
   answer file "Is there any beer left?" ## with filter ... see the dox 
-> "filter"
   if the result = "cancel" then exit xxx
   ## do something with "it" = the filename
end xxx


on yyy
   ask file "Where to store the remaining beer (if any)?:"
    if the result = "cancel" then exit yyy
   put fld "data to store" into url("file:" & it)
   ## etc...
end yyy

Hpe that helps...

> Richmond Mathewson

Best from germanski

Klaus Major
klaus at

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