Couple of basic questions

David Squance squance at
Mon Nov 17 16:56:55 CST 2003

The first question relates to the lock screen command.  I'm using RR2.1.1
and OS 10.3.  I come from a HC background, and lock screen always did what
I expected--you saw nothing change until the script finished, which is what
the docs imply.  With my project (still in development) I want to lock the
screen between the splash screen and the substacks opening (3) so that the
user doesn't see the flickering between them.  However, except for a blank
card at one point and the splash screen not showing at all, there's little
difference.  Any ideas?

No. 2.  Don't global variables empty when a stack is removed from memory?
If not, where is the data stored?

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