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Yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Mon Nov 17 14:03:59 EST 2003

Hello Pierre,

Le 17 nov. 03, à 18:46, Pierre Bernaert a écrit :

> I'm following the referenced discussion because I 'm trying to solve 
> the same problem concerning a stack which  cards will be created by 
> the user.
> As :
> 	• the users will not buy Revolution.
> 	• The documentation (Printed 1.1.1 version) and on line 2.1
> 		which are the same, are saying:
> 		"If the stack is a standalone application, it cannot be saved."
> 		"A Standalone  application can save stacks in separates files,
> 		but cannot save a stack in the standalone file".
> 	• I'm french speaking and have difficulties to understand clearly the 
> previous 	  sentences which are to me contradictory.

Ce n'est pas compliqué : tu utilises ton app. "Standalone" comme 
"splashcreen" et tes autres "substacks" peuvent enregistrer tes datas 
sans problème.

Bien amicalement.

yvescoppe at

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