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Sun Nov 16 23:31:34 EST 2003

--- Klaus Major <klaus at> wrote:

> Avoid naming an object with a number. Doing so
> may cause Revolution to
> become confused by object references that
> specify that number, since 
> they
> might be referring to the object by name or to
> a different object by 
> number.."
> Well... ;-)
> If you really have to rely on numbers for an
> objects name, i would 
> suggest to
> add a little prefix like "gr" for graphic ->
> image "gr605"...
> You get the picture...

if you need buttons to show a number, then 
<set the label of btn "b1" to "1"> works
i have a MIDI keyboard set up this way.
middle C is "b60", labeled "60".


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