How to add a field to a stack of 50 cards

Yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Sun Nov 16 06:19:43 EST 2003

Le 16 nov. 03, à 12:17, Russell a écrit :

> Hello people
> Thanks all for your contribution to my query.
> Questions:
>     Does RR use more resources by putting a Field on 50 cards then if 
> you create that field to act as background on the 1st card
>     What about creating a invisible group on card 1 when 1st creating 
> the stack and make it act as background.  Then after 50 or a 1000 
> cards, if you decide you need another field, goto card 1 edit the 
> group and create yout field inside the group. Would that work?

Merely : YES


yvescoppe at

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