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Paul Stary paul at
Sat Nov 15 16:36:39 CST 2003

At 10:47 AM -0700 11/15/03, Dar Scott wrote:
>On Saturday, November 15, 2003, at 07:19 AM, Rob Cozens wrote:
>>Wouldn't it be more utilitarian to break this into two scripts:
>>* One to select & return the target application address (to be 
>>stored by the calling app)
>>* A second script to send the Apple events themselves (using the 
>>stored address)
>I agree.  It would also be easier to understand, debug, and get 
>one's arms around.
>I suspect that all Paul needs is the second part.  (If that doesn't 
>work, there might be something wrong in the form of the computer 
>name and the first part might help in looking at that.)  This is 
>simpler AppleScript.
>Dar Scott

Thanks, Rob, Dar and Jan,

This workaround looks good. I will test it later today or tonight. 
Dar, you're right. I have the remote Machine and Program names 
hardcoded, so only need to format the "do as AppleScript" stuff 
correctly. I really hope this works.

Thanks again.

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