Tooltip for groups

jbv jbv.silences at
Sat Nov 15 17:07:23 EST 2003

Ken, Scott, Jacqueline,

Many thanks for proposing workarounds...
Actually, it would be too long to explain why
I'd need a tooltip for groups, and anyway I've
already found a workaround that behaves like
a grp toolkit (adding an extra fld to the group,
and resizing it / showing it / updating its content
like a tooltip) works fine.
BTW, I had already tried the label + showname option :
it  works, but doesn't have the look & feel of a tooltip...

Anyway, all my rant on that topic didn't mean I was
screwed until this feature is added to the engine.
It was only because it was clear to me that allowing
tooltips for grps and adding a property to toggle from
grp tip to individual objects tips would be a very nice
add-on feature, especially because it allows to DISCONNECT
what the tooltip shows and how the grp (or its components)
IOW : a simple property adds quite a lot of flexibility...
This occured to me also because groups don't send any
error when one set a group toolkit (but doesn't create any
custom prop.), and because the MC/Rev doc says that
tooltips apply to all controls (this is for those who missed
the beginning of this discussion).

Here is a (totally imaginary) example in which that feature
would be useful : imagine a game for kids with several
characters, each one made of different parts : body, head,
arms, legs, etc. All these body parts would be individual
objects (images) in a group.
Each character has accumulated various features (a certain
number of lives left, a score or certain  number of objects /
experiences / magical powers from previous game levels,
By pointing at a character, one could display in a group
toolkit all these infos. And by clicking on one of the
above mentioned body parts, the user could edit them,
drag & drop, etc. IOW pointing at the group & clicking
on individual objects would be disconnected actions...

And I'm sure plenty of other examples can be found...
For example, imagine objects of different groups scattered
all over the screen, and for some reason each object can
be moved from one group to another (in a design or
construction app for instance, in which users can put
elements aside, use them later, re-arrange them, etc).

Of course, this can be achieved / faked in many ways,
including the one described above : using an extra field
that behaves like a tooltip.
But again, having a group toolkit would make it A LOT
easier IMHO.

Well, enough on this topic...    :)
Don't know if anyone at RR will consider this option,
but here it is...

Thankk you all,

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