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Isn't this what the FreeCard/FreeGUI guys are doing? Alain, if you're
reading this, can you clarify?

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> >But how to help that model grow up for prime time deployment in 
> >education (by which I mean, how to get teachers to embrace it)?
> Hi Judy,
> Your goal is admirable; good luck.
> I would like to say, "If you build it, they will come to use it."; 
> but the Apple/Claris example of mismarketing HyperCard leaves me with 
> some misgivings.
> OTOH, from my experience as HyperCard SIG Chair for the local MUG and 
> my participation on the HyperCard Lists, folks from educational 
> institutions were one of the largest segments of the HC user base. 
> Give teachers constrained by the limitations of Windows software a 
> Revolution knock-off of HC version 1.2 (plus color; minus 30K text 
> string limitation) and you should be off to a good start.
> The issue then boils down to cost: if it supports unlimited 
> Transcript scripting, you can't give it away.  Or is your goal to 
> downplay the scripting and produce, in essence, HyperStudio with a 
> HyperCard UI?
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