Tooltip for groups

jbv jbv.silences at
Sat Nov 15 11:37:52 EST 2003

> For me this is pretty much a non-issue. I routinely solve this problem
> by placing a transparent button or empty image object behind everything
> else. Make it layer 1 in the group. That way, objects on top of it which
> have tooltips will respond with their own tip. Spaces between objects
> respond with the layer-1 object tooltip. It's a very easy fix and
> doesn't require any engine changes or even any scripting.

Yep, except that it doesn't solve the problem : with your solution,
you'll never display a unique tooltip when user points at the group
(except if you set all tooltips of all the objects of that group to the
same content - and if that content needs to be changed on-the-fly,
then some scripting is required).
Besides, placing a transparent object behind everything will show
a tooltip when pointing at empty spaces between objects, which is
not really usefull...

Last but not least : AFAIR there's a property that allows to switch
between selection of a whole grp, or selection of individual objects
of that grp... Why not a similar property that would switch between
showing the tooltip of the whole grp, or the tooltip of each objetct...
Shouldn't be too difficult to implement in the engine, I guess...


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