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Sat Nov 15 11:05:18 EST 2003

On 11/15/03 4:10 AM, jbv wrote:

> IMHO if the engine is sophisticated enough to detect if users point to
> empty space within a group, then it can also decide if the group tooltip
> should be shown (or not).
> Besides, if a group contains a large number of objects, and if the
> content
> of the tooltip must be changed on the fly (according to the most recent
> user action for instance), then changing the tooltip of all objects
> within
> the group takes more time than changing the tooltip of the group only...

For me this is pretty much a non-issue. I routinely solve this problem 
by placing a transparent button or empty image object behind everything 
else. Make it layer 1 in the group. That way, objects on top of it which 
have tooltips will respond with their own tip. Spaces between objects 
respond with the layer-1 object tooltip. It's a very easy fix and 
doesn't require any engine changes or even any scripting.

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