Tooltip for groups

jbv jbv.silences at
Sat Nov 15 05:10:57 EST 2003

Robert Brenstein  :

> I wonder if lack of group tooltip has anything to do with ambiguity
> that can arise when one points to an object within a group: which
> tooltip to show, group's or object's?

A clear and simple rule could apply : if no tooltip is defined for the
group, then the tooltip of individual objects is shown...
After all, a similar rule already applies : if tooltipdelay is set to 0,
no tooltip is shown...

> Since there is no point showing
> a tooltip when user points to an empty space within a group, may be
> the proper way is to have a tooltip assigned to each object within a
> group.

IMHO if the engine is sophisticated enough to detect if users point to
empty space within a group, then it can also decide if the group tooltip
should be shown (or not).
Besides, if a group contains a large number of objects, and if the
of the tooltip must be changed on the fly (according to the most recent
user action for instance), then changing the tooltip of all objects
the group takes more time than changing the tooltip of the group only...

> But if the group tooltip is not accepted, Rev should indeed
> respond with an error.

And the content of the doc should be changed accordingly : tooltips
should not be defined as applying to all controls, since groups, cards
and stacks seem to be also considered as controls...


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