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Paul Stary paul at
Sat Nov 15 03:17:41 EST 2003

>  > >- send to program works on the same Mac
>>  >- send to program doesn't work between two Macs
>Paul, even if this is true, there's more than one way to skin a cat. You
>could use a different communication mechanism (like opening a socket or
>datagram and sending messages via TCP or UDP) instead of Apple Events,
>so don't get discouraged.
>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software
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If this is true, I am screwed! I am committed to start converting a 
massive SuperCard project, running on 4 CPUs, to Revolution. In order 
to make this an orderly transition, I need to replace one software 
module at a time. This means communicating between Macs using 
AppleEvents, as SuperCard doesn't talk through sockets.

Why is this information in the dictionary if it hasn't ever worked? 
Since AppleEvents is not cross-platform, shall I presume it is a low 
priority for Runtiem Revilution Ltd and will probably NEVER work?

Here's a roundabout solution I just though of. How about a Rev stack 
running on each Mac, alongside the SuperCard. Then Rev can talk to 
Rev on the remote Macs via TCP/IP. Then the Rev on the remote Mac can 
resend the command via AppleEvents to the SuperCard app running on 
that same Mac.


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