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Paul Stary paul at
Fri Nov 14 18:55:42 EST 2003

>Paul Stary wrote:
>>  What is up with this?
>>  I have spent the day trying to figure out why the following statement
>>  works in SuperCard but NOT Revolution. I want to communicate with
>>  SuperCard on a remote Mac named "Remote Mac". SuperCard is running on
>>  that Mac. I execute the following statement from Revolution on my
>>  local Mac:
>>  send beep to program "Remote Mac:SuperCard" without reply
>>  This is sooooo basic, what am I missing?
>Platform-independent paths.  Try:
>    "Remote/SuperCard"
>  Richard Gaskin

I tried this also, but still comes back with "no such program". Has 
anyone ever used AppleEvents FROM Revolution using the "send to 
program"?  I am faithfully following the Transcript dictionary.

My ability to proceed using Revolution is done if this won't work.

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