[Q] upgrade to libSmtp

shaosean at unitz.ca shaosean at unitz.ca
Thu Nov 13 23:17:08 CST 2003

sorry to put this out on the mailing list..

i've slowly been working on a major(?) upgrade to the smtp library 
(adding unicode support) and i'm trying to decide whether to continue 
using variables as parameters or field pointers as parameters..

 variable parameter example
   put the htmlText of field "message" into tHtmlText

 field pointer parameter
   libSmtp.anotherCustomFunction(the long id of field "message")

obviously both have their pros and cons, but i feel that using field 
pointers gives me the best results, but am not overly sure from a 
programming point of view (nor from the view of the end-programmers)..

please feel free to contact me off-list in regards to this ^_^


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