Database Query Builder: workaround please

David Wilkinson dwilk at
Thu Nov 13 18:03:14 CST 2003

On Thursday 13 November 2003 3:47 pm, you wrote:

> On the Database Query Builder, Record Set Tab, SQL query field:
> 1) enter some syntactically bad SQL
> 2) click the refresh query button (or close the Database Query
> Builder window)
> 3) now Rev gets stuck in an endless loop of modal error dialogs.

OK  The handlers appear to be identical, though I have not stepped 
through as yet.  However it is clear that on Linux and 2.0.1, the 
behaviour is not so extreme as you have reported, no matter what 
sort of garbage I enter in the query field.  By the way, I did not 
say three times , but three times for each db object, though I did 
not figure out how that observation could be true.  

Does the query builder work for you, if you enter syntactically 
correct sql?  If so,  why not  debug the query outside the query 
builder for the timebeing?    Moreover, queries that attach to field 
objects, generally, are not very sophisticated : maybe an inner join 
between client_id  from invoice and client tables for example, in 
order to show the client name, or select detail rows corresponding 
to an invoice.  The Query Builder  is clearly designed to return a 
record view of each row.  In the end, I am not sure that the by 
field/column interrogation of the db is going to be fast enough 
though showall fields seem pretty quick.

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