Problems with report-printing

R. Hillen mail at
Thu Nov 13 15:55:32 EST 2003

Hello list,

Last week I transferred my Hypercard Adressbook successfull to RunRev 
(Mac OSX, 10.2.8, Rev. 2.1.2).
Totay I tried to script the printJob.

I read the helpful Mail of Jan Schenkel about using the report-builder 
and studied the docs.
I made a report with some fields, linked to my Data-stack and found, 
that after setting in the report inspector all colors of each 
report-field to white (except the text color), there remains a thin 
black line on top of each field, which also appears in the printing.

Trying to print by pressing the print-button in the report-builder 
sometimes there is no printout, but after closing the stack and 
restarting it the print succeeded and showed all prints one after 

In my stack, which consists of a main stack (as splash), a data stack 
and the report-stack (MyReport), I made a print-button in the 
data-stack with the following script:

   open stack "MyReport"
   hide stack "MyReport"
   answer printer
   if it is cancel then exit to top -- Cancel doesn´t work!
   send "RevPrintReport" to stack "MyReport"
   close printing

This script sometiomes works, sometimes not. What did I wrong?

What can I do so that the user in the print-dialog can stop the 
printing, if she Cancels the dialog. After "answer printer" the 
variable "it" is "Cancel", but the "exit to top" doesn´t work.

And a last question:

As I want to use some slightly different reports:
How can I duplicate the reportstack?

Thank you very much


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