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Thu Nov 13 13:51:56 EST 2003

On 11/13/03 10:26 AM, "Graham Samuel" <graham.samuel at> wrote:

> I've asked about this before, but as I'm desperate I thought I'd try once
> more.
> I have an app in an advanced state of preparation - it's been through a
> thorough beta test and I was left with just one error. This was the one
> where I had two buttons whose icons were animated GIFs, where one of the
> buttons consistently stopped animating when the two buttons overlapped.

Did you try forcing the animated GIFs to play by setting their repeatCounts
to -1?  Maybe something like:

[button script]
 on mouseMove
  set the repeatCount of img mySrcImg to -1
 end mouseMove

> I have worked hard to try to isolate this problem, including generating a
> whole external logging scheme to keep track of the program execution, but I
> don't seem to be getting anywhere - it looks as if the app crashes near the
> beginning while opening some substacks (usually invisible).

Are you sure the app has crashed?  Are you saying the app is completely
non-responsive or stops functioning at a certain point?  It is unlikely that
anything like this is caused by animated GIFs (a corrupted image can result
in a jumbled mess of rainbow looking static but this usually does not
inhibit the operation of scripts).

If you can generate the problem in a stack that contains only your buttons,
images and drag scripts, then you should be able to track down the problem
there.  Otherwise, something else is going on in your stacks/scripts.


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