PreNewbie database question

Jay Madren jmadren at
Wed Nov 12 16:19:21 CST 2003

If by "can't get to first base" you mean once you opened the query builder,
you didn't know what to do, then I can relate.  It took some digging in the
online docs for me to figure out that you've got to create a new query
first, by pressing the "+" button.  Then you can fill in the connection
details, get connected, then proceed to build a query.

This is one of those areas in RR that just isn't intuitive at all.  Sure,
once you know, it's simple.  But upon opening the query builder for the
first time, there's a lot of things in the window and no real clue about
what to do.  And, like I said, the instructions are buried deep within the
huge topic "About connecting to and using SQL Databases", about halfway

If this wasn't what you were asking about, my apologies.  Maybe it will
benefit someone else.

Jay Madren

-----Original Message-----
> I've tried a couple of times to use  mySQL but I can't get to first
> base.
> When I open RR Database query builder I see two tabs: Connection and
> Record set.
> Does this imply that mySQL works only with web based data? (Yes, I've
> read the article in the Revolution Encyclopedia.)

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