revDatabaseColumnNamed and revDatabaseColumnByNumber missing...

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I think it's "revDatabaseColumnNumbered", not "revDatabaseColumnByNumber".  You could also try using the counterparts revdb_columnbyname() and revdb_columnbynumber().  I've had a similar problem in the past, and have gotten around it by using these other functions.  They do the same thing, just have different names.  Hope that helps.

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Hi Folks,

does anyone here got a clue why my Revolution is shouting a cannot find 
handler everytime I try to use revDatabaseColumnNamed and 
revDatabaseColumnByNumber, but it does not shout on revOpenDatabase or 
revQueryDatabase? Also I can use revDatabaseColumnNamed on messagebox 

Please need help asap.

Andre Alves Garzia  2003  BRAZIL

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