Rendezvous, event loops, and why I need SDK docs

Alex Rice alex at
Tue Nov 11 16:42:41 EST 2003

On Nov 11, 2003, at 2:14 PM, tuviah snyder wrote:
> Embedded Revolution supports access to the main event loop. The idea 
> behind embedded Revolution is you would link your external code with 
> librev and compile a custom engine. The advantages are
> 1) no external overhead on Linux.
> 2) Single file executable
> 3) Access to event loops.

That's good to know. What is the availability/licensing of Embedded 

> I don't see why we can't support access to the event loop for 
> externals as well..the external would need to register the callback 
> however to avoid any performance problems.

Can you describe the purpose of X_main_loop(), 
X_set_pre_xevent_handler(), and X_set_post_xevent_handler() in 
XCmdGlue.c? Is that what you are referring to in item 3) above, or is 
it something else?

>> SDK docs would be good, but I fear they would only confirm we have a
>> lot of work to do to do any useful externals.
> We are working on it.  Tim Monroe just wrote an excellent article on  
> developing QT externals with Rev, and we plan to extend on some of 
> that for our own docs

Is RR providing externals API documentation in addition to a tutorial? 
Not knowing the purpose and usage of most of these functions is the 
main problem for me.

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