OS 10.3 no launch Rev docs -- apple script ???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 11 12:54:44 EST 2003

Sarah wrote:

> what you were really after was a way
> to set up the relevant file associations in OS 10.3 ...

This is from a drag-and-drop file type utility that will be uploaded to
RevNet when I get time to finish its UI.

The following script relies on a field named "AppleScript" that contains:

   tell application "Finder"
     set tFilePath to "[FILE]"  as alias
     set the creator type of tFilePath to "[CREATOR]"
     set the file type of tFilePath to "[TYPE]"
   end tell

This script takes the path in a field and uses values from a "creator" field
and a "type" field to set the type and creator code.  I haven't run this on
10.3, but it works well in v10.2, with the caveat that file name extensions
apparently take precedence over type and creator code for app associations.
I would be interested in knowing if the functional AppleScript fails under

on mouseUp
   put fld "AppleScript" into tScript
   replace "[CREATOR]" with fld "creator" in tScript
   replace "[TYPE]"    with fld "type" in tScript
   replace "[FILE]"    with UnixFile2Mac(fld "file") in tScript
   replace "[FILE]"    with tFile in tScript
   do tScript as AppleScript
   if the result <> quote&fld "TYPE"&quote then
      answer "AppleScript error" with "Drag"
   end if
end mouseUp

function UnixFile2Mac pFileName
   if char 1 of pFileName = "/" then delete char 1 of pFileName
   replace ":" with "<4WSlashPlaceHolder>" in pFileName
   replace "/" with ":" in pFileName
   replace "<4WSlashPlaceHolder>" with "/" in pFileName
   if IsOSX() then
      set the itemDel to ":"
      if item 1 of pFileName <> "Volumes" then
         put line 1 of the drives &":" before pFileName
      end if
   end if
   return pFileName
end UnixFile2Mac

function IsOSX
   if the platform is not "MacOS" then return false
   get the systemversion
   set the itemdel to "."
   if item 1 of it >= 10 then return true
   return false
end IsOSX

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