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I'll echo what Alex wrote (i.e. extolling its positives).  I spent seven
years at Apple Computer in the early 90s on a team that delivered technical
documentation using a home-grown HyperCard engine.  I was never a
programmer, but over the course of that time I became very proficient at
understanding the texture of HC.  It was like that dream where I was in a
foreign country but could somehow speak flawlessly in the local language.

Then I woke up!  I left Apple, entered the Wintel-dominated work force, and
all my HC skills were for nothing.

Nevering finding equivalent time to learn some other SDE, I was never able
to automate tasks as I would like and found myself hamstrung in trying to do
what I knew an X-Talk SDE would allow me to do.  Simple things, most of
them.  When I stumbled across Revolution last summer, I swear I felt like
singing Amazing Grace ("that once I was lost, and now I am found").

Not to sound too much the groupie, but without Revolution, I'd be blind,
deaf, and mute (metaphorically speaking).

Mark Powell

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I am in the process of writing an article about runrev, and would like 
to ask you about two things:

Did you experience that you wanted to make a project, but where unable 
to do it with runrev? For example because a technology was not 
supported, not fast enough or because it was otherwise not up to the 

DId you realise any projects that you did not think that it would be 
possible to do with runrev?

Thank you for your time
Bjoernke von Gierke

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