use-revolution Digest, Vol 2, Issue 54

Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Nov 10 20:18:22 CST 2003


You'll have to check the Docs and maybe even make a test Stack to test
things out.

And, yes, I couldn't agree more!  The kind and generous folks on this list
has saved my butt on more than one occasion!  Glad I could help someone else
[for once]!


> Dan,
> Is resume sent when just accessing a menubar item? If so this is the
> magic cure I was looking for. If not it would certainly work for an app
> with no menuBar at least.
> I love this list.
> Tom
> On Nov 10, 2003, at 7:58 PM, Dan Friedman wrote:
>> Tom,
>> Here's a thought... If the user is going to change resolutions while
>> your
>> program is running, then unless they change the resolution from the
>> menubar,
>> they will have to leave the application.  You could create a
>> checkForResChange() function in a resume message.
>> Just a thought...
>> -Dan

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