OS 10.3 no launch Rev docs -- apple script ???

Brian Thomas runrev at rivertext.com
Mon Nov 10 20:40:31 EST 2003

I had hoped to send the longest running project in the history of 
interactive media, If Monks had Macs to the shipper today. However, I 
had to try it on 10.3 Sunday .....

First the background:

The problem with Monks is that it was set up so that you open our 
virtual Monastery library by clicking on a document rather than an 
application. On OS 9 the creator code system and on Windows the 
registry system (which the installer configures for you) handle this 
beautifully. However, on OS 10 things don't work so well.

A number of beta testers reported problems with the Monks document 
not launching at first such as this:

"1) After doing the install on os x (10.2.8) I got a dialog saying that no
application was selected to open the "If Monks Had Macs" document. I
played around with Sophie and the next time I tried double clicking the
IMHM document the app opened without problems. There is something wrong

I figured out how to solve this on OS 10.2 by having the 
Installermaker installer automatically launch first the application 
and then, once the application was open, it automatically launched 
the Monks document and the System handled this correctly.  This does 
not work in 10.3 The system just reports:

"There is no default application specified to open the document "If 
Monks had Macs"

cancel     choose application

Our app, of course, is not on the approved list.


It was suggested that it might be a permissions issue so I checked it 
on separate machine after fixing all the permissions -- same thing.


Is it possible to write an apple script that will fix this and launch 
the document with the correct application ?

Has anyone done this ?

Please let me know if this is possible. I am really up against a wall 
after spending years with MetaCard/Revolution.


b_t at rivertext.com

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