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but isn't that at least a part of the reason for geometry etc. (to 
change things on screen when things have been changed - i.e. one way of 
things changing is by changing the screen size , right?)

But I regress,

Let me know what you find Ken and what you think.



PS I have a possible project that you might be interested in. Offlist 
of course.


On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 05:08 PM, Ken Norris wrote:

> Hi Tom,
>> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:32:40 -0500
>> From: Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
>> Subject: Re: Two questions
>> SO my answer is that a resolutionChanged is what is needed and I can
>> think of many games and software that offer resolution changing as an
>> option and things get changed once the res is changed
> ----------
> I'll check some more, but it doesn't look like hardly any of my Mac 
> apps
> have the ability to account for screen res changes on the fly, i.e., 
> during
> runtime.
> Just FYI...
> Ken N.
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