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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Nov 10 14:50:11 CST 2003

Hi jason,

> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 00:00:09 +0700
> From: Jason Rippetoe <jason at>
> Subject: Re: RE: Window Resizing Head-scratcher...
> 3. I found a work-around. I added the following to the preOpenStack in
> the Stack script:
> set the height of me to 600
> set the width of me to 800
> Waddya know... it works!
> So, I still can't answer "why," but this might help. Let me know if it
> solves your issue as well.
It's really not a workaround, but rather how it's done with Macs in Rev,
because of the platform differences. Mac menus are really button emulations,
not the real thing.

Check the windowbBoundingRect solution, too. Either technique needs to be
done in a preOpenStack handler. That's normal, AFAIK.

Note: My first stack had a fullscreen graphic set used for an onscreen
keyboard, so the very problems you are facing were the _very first_ I had to
deal with in Rev 1.1.

Please pay close attention to the experts, like Richard Gaskin. They know
what's going on. Also, take a look at Jacque's Rev tutorials:


Best regards,
Ken N.

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