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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 12:22:11 EST 2003

--- "David M. Cole" <RunRev at colegroup.com> wrote:
> folks:
> i was on this list for a while last summer and then
> dropped off 
> because of other priorities. time is ripe to get
> started on this 
> group of projects:
> i built my entire customer contact, subscription and
> billing systems 
> all in hc in 1989 (well, i built most in 89; i've
> been tinkering a 
> bit here and there over the years ;-) ... there are
> currently more 
> than 10,000 records in a variety of stacks. i've
> written stacks that 
> ran as cgi's on webstar as well, so i know how to
> construct and 
> deconstruct post arguments.
> while i suspect i'll have an os 9 machine kicking
> around somewhere 
> for years to come, i really need to move this thing
> into a real 
> relational database and set it up as a thin client,
> because the 
> current architecture is one-person oriented and i
> have a virtual 
> business.
> so, i come here today asking advice: should i do
> this project in 
> runrev? all the cgi engines at 
> http://www.runrev.com/revolution/engines/ seem to be
> two or three 
> years old; will these work? is the darwin version
> the one i want for 
> os x?
> i know that sarah r released a stack for connecting
> to mysql last 
> may, but is this a job more for valentina?
> i had to fly to the east coast yesterday and read
> through mysql and 
> php for dummies and the o'reilly mysql book. i had
> vowed never to use 
> a programing language that needed a dollar sign, but
> if runrev ain't 
> quite ready to do this for me, then i guess i'm
> going to have to.
> thanks.
> \dmc

Hi David,

Welcome back to the list :-) Let's see if I can help
you out with some of your questions :

- Revolution stacks or SQL-databases ?
Even though performance gets hit when stacks reach
serious sizes, you don't have to start learning SQL
just yet : have a look at Rob Cozens' SDB at 

- Valentina or another SQL-database ?
Valentina is a good choice, but MySQL isn't that hard
to use either, in my experience ; however, both of
these have their limitations when it comes to support
for JOIN and SELECT WITHIN statements.
An excellent choice in this regard, is PostgreSQL --
if you need more info, I'm sure you can poke our good
friend Pierre Sahores :-)
Of course it depends a bit on your needs : if you need
multi-user access to the database, Valentina Server is
still in beta version atm ; that's why I use MySQL for
most of my projects.

- Revolution CGI-engines
The ones at the old page, are for version 1.x of
Revolution ; steer your browser or an ftp-client to : 
And yes, you'll want the Darwin one for MacOSX.
What's especially interesting about the 2.x versions
of the CGI-engines, is that they have built-in support
for database access. So you can use the same commands
to store and load data from within your own stacks and
The only dollar signs you'll want to poke around, are
the environment variables -- but you can look those up
in the Transcript Dictionary.

Hope this helped. If you have any more questions,
don't hesitate to post more on this list.

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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