os x & cgi's -- save me from dollar signs

David M. Cole RunRev at colegroup.com
Mon Nov 10 08:11:56 EST 2003


i was on this list for a while last summer and then dropped off 
because of other priorities. time is ripe to get started on this 
group of projects:

i built my entire customer contact, subscription and billing systems 
all in hc in 1989 (well, i built most in 89; i've been tinkering a 
bit here and there over the years ;-) ... there are currently more 
than 10,000 records in a variety of stacks. i've written stacks that 
ran as cgi's on webstar as well, so i know how to construct and 
deconstruct post arguments.

while i suspect i'll have an os 9 machine kicking around somewhere 
for years to come, i really need to move this thing into a real 
relational database and set it up as a thin client, because the 
current architecture is one-person oriented and i have a virtual 

so, i come here today asking advice: should i do this project in 
runrev? all the cgi engines at 
http://www.runrev.com/revolution/engines/ seem to be two or three 
years old; will these work? is the darwin version the one i want for 
os x?

i know that sarah r released a stack for connecting to mysql last 
may, but is this a job more for valentina?

i had to fly to the east coast yesterday and read through mysql and 
php for dummies and the o'reilly mysql book. i had vowed never to use 
a programing language that needed a dollar sign, but if runrev ain't 
quite ready to do this for me, then i guess i'm going to have to.


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