Window Resizing Head-scratcher...

Jason Rippetoe jason at
Mon Nov 10 01:26:13 EST 2003

Hello all;

I have a stack that I want to run on screens at 800x600 or higher 
resolution. I have set the "Size and Position" settings in the 
inspector for 800x600, and the "resizable?" box is not selected. The 
stack is set to hide menubar/hide taskbar at stack startup and use a 

When being developed, it appears as an 800x600 window on my 1024x768 
display. However, when I built a stand-alone to test and set the 
monitor to 800x600, the window was smaller, blocking off chunks of the 
graphics. In the Rev development environment, it behaves the same- if I 
start the stack while the monitor is set to 800x600, the window is 
smaller, with the inspector telling me it is now 726x458.

I've tested it and determined that this behavior is present whether I 
use the hide menubar/hide taskbar or not or whether or not a backdrop 
is used.

Any ideas on why my windows are resizing?

Thanks in advance!


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