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On 11/9/03 2:07 PM, "Pierre Bernaert" <pierre.bernaert at> wrote:

> Building a standalone or files gives a weird result when using them:
> Although giving the possibility to type into fields correctly the
> pointer appears OK into the field , but  the cursor stays always the
> same: the  busy cursor (The spinning balloon).
> When into the field or on the card it doesn't spin it makes an eighth
> of a spin when entering the field and an other eighth when leaving the
> field or going from stack to substack or back.
> I included into the distribution "Cursors" and image and pattern
> libraries as well as the standard Icons.
> Having added a script "On mouseEnter "  setting lockscreen to true and
> set cursor to IBeam with an "On MouseLeave" didn't change anything.
> What else could I have missed ?

To change the cursor to a different image and maintain it, you need to set
the lockCursor to true:

  set lockCursor to true
  set cursor to watch

To use the "busy" cursor (spinning ball) you need to repeatedly call "set
cursor to busy" within a loop or similar repeating construct to make the
continually spin.

  put 0 into X
  set lockCursor to true
  repeat while X < 10
    set cursor to busy
    add 1 to X
    wait 10
  end repeat
  set lockCursor to false


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