Book Ordering Delays Caused by DOS Attack

Alex Rice alex at
Sat Nov 8 21:56:28 EST 2003

> I think you're right. I'd bet the mentality is akin to terrorism.  
> There are
> trained pros out there who are dealing with these things.

Not very successfully it would seem.

The spammers have teamed up with hackers and virus writers and it's big  
business - organized crime even. Spammers make big money and they can  
afford to hire real programmers.

Interesting psychological territory: everything from "script kiddies",  
to psychotic antisocial genius hackers, the "hacker's ethic", black  
hat, white hat. And vandals, and terrorists.

Just ran across this article as well.

Steven Levy's _Hackers_ is a good read if you want a documentary look  
into the mindset.

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