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> As for Jaguar,10.1.x the new theme design gives us additional flexibility and
> what we can do is hard code an animated gif that the engine would just for the
> default button.

Seems like the results would less than optimal for a resizable control --
you'd see major pixel artifacts if the control was resized to anything other
then the original image dimensions.

Usually this kind of scalable object is done with 9 images: 4 fixed size
corners, 4 resizable sides, and one resizable central region.  Built this
way, it is possible to resize without visual artifacts, but you'd still have
to drive 9 animated GIFs (or multiple GIFs) in sync to mimic the throb
effect.  And what happens if the user has Graphite selected instead of Blue?
You need at least two sets of images.

Done correctly, the image solution starts to get complicated.  Doable, but


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