MacOSX default button

diskot123 at diskot123 at
Sat Nov 8 03:07:29 EST 2003

>I thought it had to do with the libUrl libraries because it was the 
>only stack with them and it was the only stack with this problem. Dave 
>Cragg <dcragg at> who maintains libUrl found the answer. 
>The stack had default buttons and the throbbing Aqua visual effect of 
>the default buttons used all the CPU cycles. Turn off the default 
>checkbox and CPU cycles went down to normal.
This will be fixed in the next version of Rev, but only for panther and later.

Panther added a new hitheme api to support printing appearence manager controls, and animated controls like pulsating buttons.

As for Jaguar,10.1.x the new theme design gives us additional flexibility and what we can do is hard code an animated gif that the engine would just for the default button.


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