Mac OS X default button = 100% CPU usage

kee nethery kee at
Fri Nov 7 22:24:31 EST 2003

I have a standalone stack and people complained that it was hogging all 
their CPU cycles. If you ran Activity Monitor, sure enough, whatever 
was available, it would utilize. Frequently +60% of the CPU.

I thought it had to do with the libUrl libraries because it was the 
only stack with them and it was the only stack with this problem. Dave 
Cragg <dcragg at> who maintains libUrl found the answer. 
The stack had default buttons and the throbbing Aqua visual effect of 
the default buttons used all the CPU cycles. Turn off the default 
checkbox and CPU cycles went down to normal.

Moral of the story, if you use the default checkbox for a button on Mac 
OS X, expect CPU usage to be all it can be.

Thank you Dave for the work around!

Kee Nethery

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