Book Ordering Delays Caused by DOS Attack

Dan Shafer dan at
Fri Nov 7 18:56:56 EST 2003

Hundreds of you have come to my Web site at and then clicked over to the Books page 
to see about ordering the first of my three-volume book series on 
Revolution. I suspect many of you tried to order the book but were 
thwarted in your efforts.

It seems that RunRev's payment processing center, WorldPay, has been 
the subject of a massive denial-of-service attack this week and has 
been essentially unreachable. (One of these days I'll understand the 
mentality vandals who derive joy from merely disrupting the lives and 
sanity of others. On second thought, I hope I never do understand that. 
It's abominable.)

In any case, please be patient. The problem is being worked on and I'm 
told a workaround should be ready very soon now.

Thanks for hanging in there.

Dan Shafer, Revolutionary
Author of  "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought" for more info
Available at Runtime Revolution Store (

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