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Fri Nov 7 16:50:31 CST 2003

>At 11:15 am -0800 7/11/03, Paul Stary wrote:
>>>At 10:22 AM -0800 11/7/2003, Paul Stary wrote:
>>>>This works great from within Revolution, but can't build a
>>>>standalone of the stack that will open a Rev stack on the remote
>>>>server. Don't see how that would be possible, as a Rev stack is a
>>>>Revolution file, and as such needs the application Revolution to
>>>>open it. But was hoping that building a standalone with all
>>>>options would provide enough of the Rev engine to work.
>>>>What am I missing here?
>>>Make sure to include the Internet library (on the Inclusions tab in
>>>Step 3 of the Distribution Builder) when you're making your
>>>standalone and it should work.
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>>I have always had the Internet library included, but still will not
>>open a Rev stack from the server using the standalone built from
>>stack. Stack works fine when opened in runtime.
>>I must be doing something wrong, as you seem to imply that it SHOULD
>>be possible to open Rev stacks from a remote server using the
>>standalone which incorporates a button with the script...
>>go stack ""
>>... assuming it is built correctly. Is there any other options in
>>the build process I might be missing or have set wrong?
>The syntax should be:
>go stack url  ""

Thank you, Dave!!!  That did the trick. I am truly amazed at 
Revolution's ability to publish its stacks over the Web. This will be 
HUGE for me.

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread and thanks you 
Revolution Team... what a great product!


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