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Fri Nov 7 12:49:23 CST 2003

On 11/7/03 9:48 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> Hello Revies,
> I set the resizable of the main stack to false by selecting the check 
> box in property inspector. I set the stack size to 800 x 600 on my 
> 1280x854 PBG4.
> However, when I open my standalone on other OSX at 800 x 600  part of 
> the window is offscreen the UIBar is in the way AND the window does 
> resize. Items move over to the new window size from geometry pane but 
> window should not resize.
> Is this a bug with resizing?
> I made the windows 800x600 thinking that it is a good standard to build 
> with. But the window does not work on an 800x600 display.
> What gives? Has this been documented?

Your stack needs to account for the space used by the menu bar and the 
dock. If the screen resolution is 800x600 then the actual available room 
on screen for the stack will be less. See the windowBoundingRect 
property for information about the available screen space for a stack. 
The windowBoundingRect is set by default to the amount of space that is 
left after various OS interface elements are accounted for. You can 
reset that property, but on a Mac the menu bar will always take up some 
real estate, and so will the dock. I imagine what you are seeing is Rev 
trying to accomodate these items while still displaying as much of your 
stack as possible.

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